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About Us

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Precision Metalforming AssociationMission

Die Tech Services Inc. achieves customer Satisfaction by assisting them to become "leaner" and more competitive in today’s global market. We do this through a process of continual improvement generating and incorporating leading edge technologies in our work and services by highly skilled employees.

Die Tech Services will seek to be known worldwide as the benchmark for fabrication, build, and management services supporting various industries with skilled trade’s labor, project management, and consulting for tooling, fixtures, and special machine operations.

The Company
Die Tech Services takes pride in bringing you experienced specialty skilled labor with a vast knowledge of the tool and die industry.  The owners each have over 20 years of experience in the die making field, such as construction, tryout, repair, engineering changes, setup and launching of new projects.  Our employees have at least 10 years experience, are well qualified, certified and also have passports in case travel abroad is needed.

Given our vast pool of knowledge and expertise, if any problems should arise, we are confident that they can be handled promptly and smoothly.
Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We believe our years of collective die making experience will provide your company the technical support needed to overcome scheduling problems caused by intermittent manpower shortages, impending deadlines, program launches or insufficient product quality.

Corporate History
Die Tech Services was founded in 2002 in West Michigan as a services company providing skilled labor support on an as-needed basis. Die Tech Services works with OEM's, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers fulfilling their short and long-term needs.

Die Tech Services is an innovative tool and die service business that provides contracted, qualified skilled labor to manufacturing companies throughout the U.S and abroad.

We fulfill a unique niche in the industry by providing temporary, high-skilled tool and die makers to address customers’ urgent, short-term needs. This enables our customers to run lean, profitable companies. Because of the reputation we have earned, we are expanding our services to include consulting, worldwide die sourcing & engineering, project management, fixture builders, mold makers, and machine builders.

We know there are times in your business when a team of part-time die makers would be the ideal solution when you are facing manpower shortages, impending deadlines, program launches, or insufficient product quality. DTS offers a team of experienced die makers who will help you to overcome your short-term problem. DTS offers experienced staffing in die chasing, buyoff procedures, engineering changes, consulting or managing projects. Whether it is build, tryout, buyoff or location setup, DTS will offer the solution you need to keep your business on top of its projects.

DTS takes the hassle of finding good quality skilled labor out of your hands; all of our die makers are well seasoned employees selected by the four principals of our company, each principal being an experienced die maker with at least 20 years of experience. We recognize that each die maker reflects our company, and we guarantee that you will be very pleased with the quality of our people.

In 2009 Die Tech Services expanded our services from specialized skilled labor to include the manufacturing of "inspection fixtures and gages."

Then in 2011 Die Tech Services added another service to it's product list "Special Machines". This division is dedicated to develop, design and build custom tooling to fit our customers specific needs.