Customer Testimonials

"We had a die crash and needed help right away. Die Tech Services really pulled us out of a bind. Thank you."
- Plant Manager, ACEMCO


“With other jobs we had in house prior to this, we were short of manpower.   DTS came in and provided us with necessary manpower to complete all our jobs. We thank you."
- Plant Foreman, Superior Die Tool & Machine


“When I needed help in a hurry, Die Tech Services was able to send employees with a day's notice. When they arrived, they were ready to work and accomplished the job I had for them quickly."
- Plant Manager, DIEnamic Solutions


“I spoke with the DTG China team.... they are happy with the design conversion. Thank you and the team at Kodima for a job well done.”
- Plant Manager, American Tooling Center


"Your guys did a great job for us in Goshen. We will definitely be using DTS again in the future. Thank you."
- Plant Manager, Benteler Automotive, Goshen, IN Stamping

Press Releases


Located in the heart of the Southern automotive corridor, Spartanburg Steel Products employs approximately 550 people who stamp underbody components. When the year started, Tool & Die Manager Randy Grimes was averaging 10.6% downtime a month related to tooling issues. He had an average of 120 tooling repair orders at any given point, even though his goal was 40 (+/-10). "SSP has many talented people, but many of those expected to maintain or repair tooling had never performed that work outside of the company," Grimes said. "They have never learned the fundamentals of die making."

Grimes turned instead to Die Tech Services Inc, a Michigan contractor dedicated exclusively to providing skilled tool-and-die makers and technical support to companies around the world. DTS placed six of its experienced tool-and-die makers in-house at Spartanburg Steel in February to assist with evaluating and improving work flow, tool and die repair, troubleshooting, tryout and related issues. The results were quantifiable: 

2.9% reduction in downtime
66% reduction in repair orders
30% improvement in proactive vs. reactive repair
Improved operating efficiencies

"Thanks to DTS, we finally moved from reacting to tooling problems to being proactive," Grimes said. "DTS didn't just look at the immediate issue, such as a WHAT, but at the root cause and then tackled the problem. This whole relationship has worked out really well. I am very happy with Die Tech Services."