CNC Machinists

Because of the reputation we have earned regarding contracting die makers as needed, we have expanded our skilled labor services to include CNC machinists with a background in mold and die machining. 

We provide skilled labor for companies to fill a gap in production for a defined length of time and are looking for workers that:

  • Are knowledgeable, experienced, and versatile to any job
  • Are ready to work with their own tools
  • Can blend into your company’s culture and your safety standards
  • Can arrive to your site to work any shift you need
  • Don’t come with an inflated price tag

Most people who buy skilled labor are not even aware that:

  • Traditional temp agencies do not cover insurance on the employees they contract out.
  • Other companies who offer contract skilled labor cannot offer a guarantee for the work their people do. If they break it – you pay for it!

We always offer:

  • Experienced and dedicated CNC machinists who have a background in die and mold machining.  
  • Field supervision and human resources for our employees to save your own resources.
  • A stable work force and long term employee relationships because our employees are provided an excellent wage and benefit package.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed to maintain customer confidence.

To help you make the best decision possible, we offer a free pre-assessment to determine a labor solution that can help you keep your focus on your business. 

We are currently growing our staff of CNC machinists.

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