Project Management

Die Tech Services offers professional services to manage and/or consult on-site with all phases of Tool Build. Our Project Managers have over 20 years of experience each and are trained in the following areas of full service tooling development.

  • Act as project leader in the program management and APQP process.
  • Determine and monitor all project goals.
  • Develop and conduct project feasibility studies for designs and achieve key milestones dates.
  • Document project management checklist and approvals.
  • Recommend and prepare release documents for prototypes, new projects, pilots, engineering changes and miscellaneous orders.
  • Requisition tooling, capital and tryout material for projects.
  • Provide customer support on an as needed basis
  • Follow up all facets of the project from cell layout, launch and run at rate.
  • Assist in preparing quotations.
  • Value analysis and value engineering ideas.
  • F.M.E.A.'s
  • Monitor and assist suppliers on meeting project goals.
  • Assess and implement continuous improvement projects in relation to current or future project planning.

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