Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who is Die Tech Services, Inc.?
A: Die Tech Services, Inc. is a corporation located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We assist companies in becoming leaner and more competitive in today's dynamic market through a pool of skilled labor. This allows our customers the flexibility to hire part-time help without the burden of benefits and severance packages. If you would like more information about our company, please visit our about us page.

Q: What can Die Tech Services, Inc. Services do for my organization?
A: If you’re in the tool and die industry, Die Tech Services, Inc. can help you meet your skilled die maker needs. Die Tech Services, Inc. provides skilled labor and technical support on an as-needed basis, which eliminates the need for your company to add full-time employees. Our services can eliminate the burdens of manpower shortages, impending deadlines, program launches or insufficient product quality.

Q: Does Die Tech Services, Inc. only employ tool and die makers?
A: No. Although Die Tech Services, Inc. was started by tool and die makers for tool and die makers, we have found that our services are needed in other areas of the tooling industry as well. We currently are making efforts to expand our short-term labor services to include mold makers, mold finishers (bench hands), special machine builders and CNC machinists who have a background in die and mold machining.

Q: How does Die Tech Services, Inc. differ from traditional staffing companies such as Manpower, Inc.?
A: What Die Tech Services, Inc. does for the tooling industry may appear similar, but there is an absolute difference. Die Tech Services, Inc. focuses only on tooling, which awards them a deeper knowledge base in the field that results in a much higher quality of work.

Q: Why would you pay Die Tech Services, Inc. to provide support when you can hire another full-time employee?
A: Die Tech Services Inc., saves you time and money by eliminating the work (and expenses) associated with hiring a new employee.  These costs include, but are not limited to:  advertising, training/tests, additional overtime for current employees to cover work, administrative time, extra supervision, taxes, health insurance, benefits, and additional liability insurance and workers’ compensation.

Q: How long has Die Tech Services, Inc. been in business?
A: Die Tech Services, Inc. was founded in May of 2002. Our company leaders individually have over 20 years of experience in the die making field, such as construction, tryout, repair, engineering changes, setup, and launching of new projects. 

Q: What services does Die Tech Services, Inc. specialize in?
A: Since Die Tech offers such a vast number of services, we suggest that our potential clients visit the pull-down menu section of our website. If you are unable to find a service you require or would like more information pertaining to what we can offer your company, please contact us without delay.

Q: How do I contact a Die Tech Services, Inc. representative?
A: Visit our Contact page, or call (866) DIE MAKER (616-363-6604).

Q: What if I'm not located anywhere near Michigan?
A: Die Tech Services, Inc. is not limited to the West Michigan area. Our personnel are able to handle situations in any area of the world on a short notice.

Q: Does Die Tech Services, Inc. provide technical support?
A: Yes, Die Tech Services, Inc. provides its clients with exceptional technical support. We can come to your facility for consulting and troubleshooting problem tooling. Then if needed we can support your efforts to make the necessary changes to that tooling.